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  • Martin Sitter
    Most people know me from the Apple Pro Training Series.

    I started teaching in 2001, at the Vancouver Film School. There, I taught DVD-Video design and Audio Mastering.

    During that period, I also began designing and authoring Apple's official courseware for Logic and DVD Studio Pro, in the Apple Pro Training Series.

    In 2003 I left the Vancouver Film School to become Apple's Lead Trainer for Logic. In that capacity, I traveled to many of the world's premier universities and multimedia schools, training Professors and Instructors in the official "Apple Method" of teaching their applications (a method I designed, through my work creating Apple's courseware).

    During that period, I started and released our first DVD Studio Pro and Logic video-tutorials.

    In 2005 I stopped teaching for Apple, and turned my focus entirely to While I continue to write courseware books for Apple, these days my focus is on video-based education.

    I live by the principle that efficiently commanding your computer can create dramatic shifts in your life. Here's some examples ...

    Software now gives everybody the ability to create, mix, and master music that sounds as good as songs on the radio. Video editors use Macs to make box-office hits. And happily, Apple users have been given a front row ticket to the show:

    With an Apple computer, anyone can tell their story!

    I created to make the story-telling easier. Our tutorial videos show you how to use software through moving pictures, and sound. Learn quickly and then spend your time creating stories, instead of dreaming about them.

    Welcome to!

    Books by Martin:
  • Steve Horelick
    By Martin Sitter

    Ever since I was a kid, the theme from TV's "Reading Rainbow" has stuck in my mind like a catch phrase.

    "I can be anything!
    Take a look, it's in a book -
    Reading Rainbow."

    While growing up, those first two lines became a mantra of mine ... and guess what? Steve Horelick wrote that theme song. He also scored all of the show's episodes. In fact, Steve's production credits include more than 350 TV episodes. And that's just the beginning ...

    His film score for HBO's documentary "When It Was A Game" earned him an EMMY nomination. Other recognitions include New York Film Festival, GRAMMY, and several national advertising awards.

    His original songs have been recorded by artists including: Chaka Khan, Bobby McFerrin, Peabo Bryson, Phoebe Snow and others.

    As an Apple Certified Trainer, Steve combines 10 years of expertise in Logic with experience as a working composer/producer to show students insightful and inspiring techniques for making music.

    Steve's true passion is electronic music. He was a founding member of the acclaimed noise band, The Electronic Art Ensemble. He current performs ephemeral minimalist and often outrageous electronic 3D Surround Immersion soundscapes on his Buchla 200e & Easel, extensive Eurorack system.

    You can watch Steve in action check out Steve's YouTube channel

    In 2017 he released interSonic - an album of electronic music and piano in collaboration with Jordan Rudess.

    When not busy composing for TV Steve divides his time between being our publisher at macProVideo, a volunteer firefighter, performing live electronic music and enjoying life with his wife and children.

    Oh ... and making amazing Logic tutorials, of course ...

    To learn more about Steve H visit
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  • Francesco Schiavon
    By Martin Sitter

    Early in 2000, I became fascinated with interactive video deployment, and specifically, interactive video in QuickTime Player. At the time, there were less than a handful of people teaching this topic ... but Francesco was one of them.

    Francesco has been a mentor to me. He knows video compression better than anyone around (I know the people at the top of this game, and IMHO, Francesco rules the roost). In fact, Francesco's compression knowledge has been requested by Apple on many occasions, including as a guest speaker at the now defunct, but always infamous, QuickTime Live conventions.

    You can see Francesco's compression skills daily at his cooking how-to portal,

    As an author, Francesco has contributed to the Streaming Media Bible (Hungry Minds), QuickTime Pro 5 & 6 (Friends of Ed), and the LiveStage Pro Handbook (Morgan Kaufmann).

    The instructional exercises in these books come from experience sharpened in front of the classroom. A seasoned lecturer and presenter, Francesco has instructed at the Vancouver Film School, The Art Institute (Vancouver) and at elite private courses for industry professionals.

    But most importantly, Francesco produces training for ...
  • Paul Garay
    By Martin Sitter

    I first met Paul when I was teaching at the Vancouver Film School. Paul quickly became one of my best friends at the school, and when I started, he was the first person I asked to contribute training to the site. Knowing his expertise teaching the program, I asked him to do Propellerhead Reason. It took over a year for me to finally convince him to come on board, but he's here now ... and I couldn't be more pleased!

    Paul is a true musician. He started playing piano at the age of 4, and began performing in bands while attending high school. Shortly after school, he went on to tour professionally with several different recording acts across North America playing keyboards and singing.

    In 1994, Paul decided to open his own studio and spent the next 6 years focusing on music production and digital audio recording. His production credits include work with a virtual who's who of west coast Canadian recording talent.

    In 2000, Paul began instructing courses at the Vancouver Film School and was introduced to scoring for visual media. In particular, in 2004, Paul had some of his music appear in the television series �Smallville".

    You can also catch Paul at his web site, Inside home Recording, where you can pick up lots of hard won tips and tricks about recording in a typical home project studio.
  • Michael Wohl
    By Martin Sitter

    Michael Wohl is a pioneer of desktop video, and a man of true vision. This was obvious to me the first time I read his seminal book, "Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro" ... a book that sat center stage on my desk for a long time and one I feel no video editor should be without. Michael knows Final Cut Pro like few others!

    Indeed, if you want to know the true history of Final Cut Pro, ask Michael Wohl. Michael was one of the original designers of Final Cut Pro, when Macromedia started developing the application in 1995 (long before Apple purchased the program). Instrumental to the development and design of this awesome video editing application, Michael was involved in all aspects of its design until several years after Apple acquired the software, at which point he left to pursue his other passion as a film director.

    These days, Michael is better known as a respected, award-winning editor and filmmaker with more than fifteen years of experience telling visual stories across a wide range of genres and styles. He is currently producing a documentary for the Gates Foundation about Ethiopia's 5-year plan to overhaul their agricultural system. His 2006 comedy, Artistic License, played at more than 30 film festivals, winning awards at 12 of them, including Best Comedy at Austin Film Festival, Sedona Film Festival, the New York Television Festival and others.

    Prior to that, Wohl wrote, produced, directed, and edited WANT, an edgy, stylized, and thought provoking feature film about dot-com mania and sex addiction set during the internet boom of 1999. The film played at festivals including Cinequest, Newport Beach Film Festival, IFP Central Standard, Victoria Independent Film Festival and several others.

    For the past six years, Michael has served as a visiting professor at UCLA's school of Theater, Film & Television and has also taught filmmaking and editing classes at many institutions including the American Film Institute, San Francisco State University, New York Film Academy, and others. He has authored eleven books on editing and storytelling, including volumes in the Apple Pro Training Series. He has also taught scores of seminars at tradeshows (NAB, IBC, DV Expo, Macworld, etc.), and been invited to speak at many film festivals (Sundance, SXSW, Cinequest, Victoria, etc).

    There is no doubt in my mind that Michael is one of the most talented editors and educators around, and I'm extremely pleased to present his Final Cut Pro tutorials here at!

    Michael Wohl

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  • Jim Kanter
    By Martin Sitter

    When you do the tradeshow circuit for as long as I have, you meet some great educators, as well as some real characters. Jim Kanter is both, wrapped in one tidy package. He has a sharp-wit that is quick to entertain, but also a clever mind that seems to store unlimited knowledge about all software applications. You've heard the saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none" ... well that does not apply here. With Mr. Kanter, we clearly have "Jim of all trades!" And the best thing is, he's a master of them all ...

    It took me two years to get Jim to do some tutorials, and I couldn't be more pleased about having him aboard. Jim is a talented presenter with long experience using multimedia software. In fact, Jim made his first film when he was 7 and was hooked from then on. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in film production and has done graduate studies in design, computers, and digital filmmaking.

    Jim has been on the faculties of several universities and helped build more than a few digital filmmaking training programs before starting the Digital Film Institute in 2004. He is an award-winning filmmaker and photojournalist, a member of the Broadcast Designers Association, and a certified instructor for Apple, Adobe and Boris software.

    Working with desktop computers in filmmaking since 1986, Jim is considered one of the top trainers in the industry and is regularly invited to speak at international conferences, workshops, and user group meetings. He has contributed to many publications and DVDs and is active in several online communities. Clients include Apple, Adobe, Turner Studios, CNN, Fox News Network, Scripps Productions, The Weather Channel, NASA, and the US Armed Forces, along with numerous television stations and production companies.

    In his private life, Jim is a happily married father of two who enjoys traveling, reading (mostly non-fiction and the occasional spy thriller), movies, and music (plays the clarinet and saxophone--barely). He rides a 1991 BMW motorcycle, shoots underwater video (he has been a SCUBA instructor since 1986) and likes taking his family flying in their Velocity airplane.

    How he finds time to do training for us is a mystery. But what's not a mystery is the quality of the tutorials he puts out! Jim is a top-notch trainer, all the way around. We look forward to his future with us, at
  • Olav Basoski
    By Martin Sitter

    As a house music producer myself, there's very few people I look up to as much as Olav Basoski. Let me tell you why ...

    In 1998 I was living in the UK. One night I found myself at "The End" in London, and this MONSTER track came on the PA. It was the type of track that changes your entire view of how a genre should be ... a big, filtered bass line, smacking kick, and a vocal that peeled through my ears, sintering itself into my mind. That track was "Getting Around," by Olav Basoski.

    I've followed Olav's music for years, collecting AFAIK all of his records (at the time). In fact, I've played more than a few sets that were 100% Olav traxx. So it was with some awe that I found myself looking at Olav's name on the order list, that infamous day in 2006. I knew that if Olav was watching our tutorials, we were doing the right thing.

    Olav Basoski is the "grand signeur" of Dutch house music. He is the founder of several legendary House labels, including Work Records, Samplitude Records & Rootz Records.

    Besides his own imprints, Olav is an active and prolific remix artist with over 100 remixes to his credit. In fact, Olav's remix roster reads like a who's who of electronica: Moby, Armin van Buuren, Todd Terry, Phats and Small ... even James Brown & Bob Marley have had the special Olav treatment applied to their sound.

    But the single most important thing to know about Olav is the blasting funk and the incredible energy he brings to a dance floor. If you like house music, you MUST see Olav play. But don't take my word for it ... listen to his music and check out his latest tour dates by visiting his website:
  • Bill Burgess
    By Martin Sitter

    By Martin Sitter

    Bill Burgess has been a good friend of mine for years. In fact, when I stopped working as Apple's Lead Logic educator to concentrate fully on building, Bill Burgess was the person Apple hired to replace me!

    Over the years we've grown quite close, and I've been incredibly please to watch as Bill's skills brought him increased recognition at Apple. They found out what I already knew - Bill Burgess is one of the best educators in the industry!

    Bill is a musician, composer, video/visual artist and the former Pro Audio Product Marketing Manager and Logic Pro Artist Relations Manager for Apple Inc. As a Logic specialist imbedded in Los Angeles, he interfaced with dozens of the world’s most visible musicians and composers, gathered feature requests, and worked to bring those requests into reality with Apple software engineering teams. A successful musician and composer himself, he has written dreamy dark electronic music for NBC, Disney, Miramax Films, Apple Inc (you can hear his music in every box of Final Cut Studio.)
    as well as dozens of indie films and projects. Bill has recently relocated from Los Angeles to Austin TX, where he is the Chief Creative for an all audio ad agency that delivers custom audio and music content for mobile. He is currently writing electronic music and collaborating on moving images and text for an upcoming youtube content channel that specializes in merging music and visual performance into a seamless whole.

    Bill is an Apple Certified Logic Pro 8 Trainer, Apple Certified Logic Pro T3 Training Instructor, Apple Certified XSAN for Video and Final Cut Pro 6. He serves on the Avid/Digidesign Customer Advisory Board and is a Waves Beta Tester. Bill has also contributed to the following publications: 
Quality Control Editor, Apple Pro Training Series: Advanced Logic Pro 7 by David Dvorin.
Technical Editor, Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7, by Martin Sitter.
  • Gary Atkins
    By Martin Sitter

    Early in 2008, I was chatting with my good friend David Blumberg, when I mentioned how badly we needed to find the world's best Sibelius trainer, for "No problem," said David, "I know just the person for you!"

    David introduced me to Toronto-based composer and professional educator, Gary Atkins ... the rest, as they say, is history.

    Gary Atkins is a composer, guitarist, keyboardist, arranger, orchestrator, copyist, and computer specialist who has worked in Theatre, Television, Film and Multimedia. Gary co-wrote the music for the CTV series Creepy Canada with Martin Deller. He has assisted and acted as copyist for some of Canada’s award-winning composers (John Welsman, Paul Hoffert and Glenn Morley).

    Currently, Gary is the Technology Co-ordinator for the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto) and teaches Music Technology at Humber College. As a Sibelius “Ambassador,” Gary travels to trade shows and educator conferences across the continent to demonstrate the Sibelius software for teachers and other educators. He is highly regarded as a trainer, and has been sought after by awarding composers such as Joe Sealy (Jazz Pianist), Glenn Morley (Genie Award winner), David Blumberg (Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, American Idol), Yves Frulla (Celine Dion Band: Keyboard Player), Clarence McDonald (James Taylor, Aretha Franklin, Barbara Streisand) and others to provide training for individual users and groups in how to use Sibelius and other software.

    Gary is a great example of the incredible trainers we hire here at, and we're incredibly pleased to present his videos to you!

  • Mark Stope
    By Martin Sitter

    Introducing Mark Stope at is a matter of great personal pride to me, not only because Mark is one of the best concept artists and Prop designers out there, but also because Mark Stope is one of my best friends! If there's a Canucks game on, you can bet we'll be watching it. If you come into the offices here at, you'll see more than a few of Mark's original paintings on our walls.

    At any rate, I feel very lucky to have a friend as graphically talented as Mark is, and I'm extremely pleased to release his Photoshop tutorial-videos exclusively here at Let me tell you a little bit about Mark ...

    Raised in a small town on the west coast of Canada, and isolated miles away from most of his friends, Mark learned to entertain himself by drawing even before he entered the school system. After years of drawing on anything he could get his hands on, Mark went to Art School and honed his skills as a multimedia artist. While at school, Mark developed and refined his signature artistic style, along with his drawing, painting and animation skills.

    Over the past several years, Mark has used Photoshop daily in his work as an illustrator for the online gaming industry as well as in Vancouver's film and television industry. His work has appeared in such hit Feature films and Television shows as Mission to Mars, X-Men 2, I Robot, Stargate SG-1, Eureka and most recently in ABC's hit series Once Upon a Time. (to name a few).

    His vast knowledge and efficiency using Photoshop has not only made him a highly sought-after artist in his respective industries - but also as a trainer for's line of Photoshop tutorials ... and we hope to see a lot more tutorials by Mark in the future ...
  • Dan Moughamian
    Dan Moughamian is not just a fine art photographer of striking landscapes and urban architecture; he’s also a noted author and professional instructor with experience in digital compositing, digital video, and motion graphics.

    A veteran of the Adobe alpha and beta testing programs, Dan has nearly 20 years’ experience working with Adobe applications, including 16 years with Photoshop. He is a contributor to the Photoshop CS4 Bible and PhotoTechnique Magazine, among others. Dan’s most recent work includes Digital Imaging How-Tos (Adobe Press).

    Dan joined our team of trainers at Nonlinear Educating prior to the CS4 release of Adobe’s suite. “Aside from creating my own art, the most rewarding work I do is teaching other creative pros and digital enthusiasts how to get the most from Adobe’s amazing suite of products,” he says. “I love the way Nonlinear has taken a new approach to training, offering high quality, high resolution content on a variety of devices and mediums.”

    His video titles for 2010 include Image Retouching and Adjustment with Photoshop CS5; Core Lightroom 3; and Mastering Adobe Camera Raw 6. Once you watch the demos, we think you’ll agree Dan’s friendly and detailed approach is a great way to “learn Adobe!” You can follow Dan’s latest adventures on Twitter, @Colortrails.
  • Scott Freiman
    By Martin Sitter

    Scott Freiman was recommended to me by my good friend, and star trainer, Steve H.! After talking with Scott for a bit I came to understand his immense musical abilities ... I knew we had to have him as a trainer at

    Scott's credentials as a musician are nothing short of breath-taking. For starters, Scott may be the only person to have sold out Carnegie Hall and been a Finalist for Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award.

    A member of New York’s prestigious Manhattan Producers Alliance, Scott is a composer and producer whose music spans a variety of genres, from orchestral to electronic. His original music and sound design have accompanied award-winning films, animated shorts, and other multimedia projects.

    Scott’s original film music has been performed at Lincoln Center (live with picture) and at a sold-out Carnegie Hall concert, “Composed By Scott Freiman.” Scott composed the original score for Undone, a feature film directed by James DePaiva. He also composed the original score for the film Exit, winner of a Best Director Platinum Award at the 38th Annual WorldFest, Houston International Film Festival. Scott’s other film scores include the award-winning Bodies (Ojai Film Festival -- Best Narrative Short) and Foreign Policy.

    Scott was sound editor and re-recording mixer for Encounter Point, a documentary from Ronit Avni and Julia Bacha, the writer of Control Room (Tribeca Film Festival, San Francisco Int’l Film Festival – Audience Award, Best Documentary). Scott has also provided sound editing, design, and mixing for several other films, including Puppy Love, the new series from Sex and the City producer, Amy B. Harris.

    Scott is also the owner of Second Act Studio, a state-of-the-art music and video studio for composition, recording, and production designed by renowned studio architect, John Storyk. Second Act Studio has played host to a wide range of musicians -- from children to Grammy winners.

    Scott is a partner in the record label, Garagista Music. Scott co-produced several recordings for the label, including Lisa Lynne Mathis’ debut, Hancock Place, and the holiday compilation, Not Just Another Holiday CD. Scott has also produced, arranged, and played keyboards for many other artists. Scott is also a founding partner of Outlandos Music which offers brand-building music supervision.

    Scott holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Music from Yale University and a Masters of Music Composition from New York University. He was a co-founder of Credit Management Solutions, Inc., a leading financial software company where Scott served as CEO. Scott, a Finalist for Ernst & Young’s Maryland Entrepreneur of the Year, helped lead CMSI’s successful public offering and orchestrated the sale of CMSI to the First American Corporation. After fifteen years of running a public company, he embarked on a new career as a composer and studio owner.

    A strong advocate for music education for children, Scott has taught composing and music technology to children of all ages. He is also on the advisory board of Renovation in Music Education (RIME), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation helping young people, arts organizations, and communities succeed through innovative music-partnership programs. And of course, Scott is also an instructor for … and we could not be luckier than to have him on board!
  • Richard Lainhart
    Richard Lainhart began his illustrious career by studying composition and electronic music with Joel Chadabe at the State University of New York at Albany, and has worked and performed with John Cage, David Tudor, Steve Reich, Phill Niblock, David Berhman, Alvin Lucier, and Jordan Rudess, among many others. He’s also played vibes in a swing band; composed music for film, television, CD-ROMs, interactive applications, and the Web; engineered audio for recordings and live sound; and served as technical director at Intelligent Music, a pioneering music software company.

    His compositions have been performed in the US, England, Sweden, Germany, Australia, and Japan. Recordings of his music have appeared on the Periodic Music, Vacant Lot, XI Records, Ex Ovo, and Airglow Music labels and are distributed online via MusicZeit. As an active performer, Lainhart has appeared in public approximately 2000 times. He has composed over 100 electronic and acoustic works, and has been making music for 40 years.

    Lainhart's animations and short films have been shown in festivals in the US, Canada, Germany, and Korea, and online at ResFest, The New Venue, The Bitscreen, and Streaming Cinema 2.0. His film "A Haiku Setting" won awards in several categories at the 2002 International Festival of Cinema and Technology in Toronto. In 2008, he was awarded a Film & Media grant by the New York State Council on the Arts for "No Other Time", full-length intermedia performance designed for a large reverberant space, combining live analog electronics with four-channel playback, and high-definition computer-animated film projection.

    As Digital Media Specialist with Novaworks Computer Systems in New York City from 1990-2000, he trained hundreds of professional editors, designers, and animators at digital media companies including Apple, Showtime Networks, and MTV, in the use of digital production tools like Premiere, After Effects, Electric Image, and Final Cut Pro. He's also authored over a dozen technical manuals for music and video hardware and software, served as Contributing Editor for Interactivity and 3D Design Magazines, and contributed to books on digital media production published by IDG, Peachpit Press, McGraw Hill, and Miller Freeman Books.

    Previously an Adobe Certified Expert in After Effects and Premiere, a demo artist for Adobe Systems, and co-founder of the official New York City Adobe After Effects User Group, he was, from 2000-2009, Technical Director for Total Training Productions, an innovative digital media training company based in New York and California. With Jordan Rudess, he has produced dozens of demo and training videos for music industry companies like Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Moog Music, Mark Of The Unicorn, and C-Thru Music.

    You can find examples of his music and digital artworks at his website, Some of his short films are available at Samples of his demo and training videos are available at
  • Matthew Loel T. Hepworth
    By Martin Sitter

    I met Matthew Loel T. Hepworth at winter NAMM, where he was working as a product specialist in the Steinberg booth. It quickly became apparent to me that Matthew was the perfect trainer for our new line of Steinberg tutorial videos … let me tell you a bit more about Matthew.

    Matthew Loel T. Hepworth was predisposed to be in music and the arts. His father was a professor of music and his mother is a well-known dance instructor - needless to say, the arts were very influential during his upbringing.

    Later, Matthew developed an interest in computers. In 1984, he hooked a Prophet 5 to his Commodore 64 via MIDI with Steinberg’s Pro16 software … and he was hooked!

    Since then, he’s become an accomplished musician playing a variety of instruments, including Bass Guitar and Theremin. You can catch Matthew playing both these instruments in a band called, ZenTherStick ( 

    Matthew also works as an independent product specialist for Steinberg, Yamaha, and Tascam. He’s also deeply involved in professional video and photography. But his love of music keeps him busy with teaching, writing, mixing and mastering.
  • Nigel Broad
    Initially signed to the Contagious Records (UK) label as an artist and producer, Nigel soon took on the roles of co-executive producer and head of A&R at the label.

    Trained as an audio engineer at the world-famous Marquee Studios in London, Nigel would often produce and engineer for other artists at the labels' 24-track studio in Dagenham, Essex, preferring the solace of the studio to the business side of running a label.

    In 1994, Nigel relocated to Los Angeles, California, to work as a composer and digital artist for film & TV. Since then, Nigel has had over 100 tracks placed in network and cable TV shows, in commercials, and several movies.

    It was while working for Apple's ProApps division in 2002 that Nigel first discovered Logic, and soon after became an Apple Certified Pro in Logic Pro. Nigel has over 25 years experience in nearly every aspect of music production to share with you, with tips, tricks and production secrets to help you get the most from your music!


  • Mo Volans
    Mo has been a professional in the music industry for around 15 years. He has released material with the world's leading record labels and also produces music for TV and Film. Mo is also a prolific writer and is a regular contributor to magazines such as Music Tech, Future Music and EQ magazine. There isn't a piece of music software that Mo isn't intimately familiar with and he lives happily on the cutting edge of music technology.
  • G.W. Childs IV
    Sound designer, musician, author: G.W. Childs has worn many hats. Beginning in the U.S. Army back in 1991 at the age of 18, G.W. began learning electronics, communications and then ultimately audio and video editing from the Department of Defense.

    Upon leaving the military, he went on to work for many exciting companies like LucasArts, Lucasfilm, Propellerhead, Cakewalk, Midway and MTV. With all of these he's been involved as an editor, sound designer, or even sometimes as an actor. G.W. is currently working as an author for Cengage Publishing. He has written the titles ‚Creating Music and Sound for Video GamesRewire: Skill Pack and Using Reason on Stage: Skill Pack.

    As a musician G.W. played in the band Soil & Eclipse on COP International Records for many years. He also worked as a remix artist for acts like Gene Loves Jezebel, Ray Charles, James Brown, Chiazm, Razed in Black, and more.
  • Geoff Blake
    Geoff Blake is a book author, video presenter, designer, and visual artist. As an in demand live-on-stage software educator since 1997, Geoff has taught desktop publishing, web design and graphics courses all over North America and is regarded as an expert in Adobe’s Creative Suite applications, as well as in HTML, CSS, WordPress, and related technologies.

    With his humorous, non-jargonny approach, Geoff produces highly regarded articles, video training and DVDs, and regularly contributes to top industry magazines and websites.

    You can find out more about Geoff and his endeavors at his website: Ten Ton Books
  • Singing Canary Productions
    Singing Canary Productions specializes in the production of video tutorials covering audio recording and production techniques. This unique collective of expert audio engineers, producers and trainers share their extensive knowledge of everything audio in beautifully produced live action videos created exclusively for From professional engineers to weekend warriors.....Singing Canary takes you into the inner workings of the commercial recording studio. They explore and demonstrate audio recording techniques covering every aspect of the recording process from mic placement to mastering!
  • Peter Schwartz
    Composer, orchestrator, arranger, pianist, synthesist, and musical director, Peter began classical piano studies at age 5 and went on to earn a Bachelors Degree in piano performance from Manhattan School of Music. Not long afterwards, MIDI made its entrée into the world of music and Peter immersed himself in understanding the technology, programming his own MIDI software, and even designing some of his own MIDI hardware devices. Combined with his keen interest in synthesizers, his experiences with music tech eventually led to a position as a product specialist for New England Digital (Synclavier), and afterward as a sound programmer and synthesizer design consultant for Korg. Meanwhile, he began to carve a path into the music business as a session keyboardist and arranger, eventually building a client roster that reads like a Who's Who of A-list pop and dance artists. Peter has also served as musical director for David Bowie, The Pet Shop Boys, Enya, Madonna, Hanson, and many others. In more recent years he has endeavored to make his mark as a film score composer, adding Disneytoons, Warner Bros., Fox, and Mattel to his filmography. Peter resides in Los Angeles with his wife Sharon, dogs Boing and Loosi, a bass clarinet and a bassoon.
  • Gregg Fine
    A native of South Florida, Gregg soaked up the influence of the Miami music scene as a youth and quickly progressed from devout music lover to professional jazz guitarist. In college, Gregg studied with Charlie Haden, Pat Metheny, Roscoe Mitchell, and Leo Smith while at the University of Miami and CalArts. He eventually landed in New York City where he worked with Jazz titans like Jim Hall, George Garzone, Richie Beirach, and Arnie Lawrence.

    Gregg got a call from the management of Calypso legend Harry Belafonte and worked with Harry over the course of the next five years. Together with a highly experienced and multi-cultural band, Gregg and Harry traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean Islands, and Europe.

    Upon his return to the BIg Apple, Gregg decided to focus on recording work and founded Onda Productions with two partners, where he became Head of Music Production. The company created commercials for many of the major advertising agencies in Manhattan including JWT, Ogilvy and Mather, DDB, BBDO, Deutsch, Grey, and Chiat Day. They produced original music for brands such as Old Navy, Pantene, Puma, Ford, Honda, Covergirl, Cotton Inc., Joe Boxer, and Mennen. As their business grew they extended their creative reach to compose for video games, fashion shows, films, records, and websites.

    Gregg left Onda to create his own commercial music production company, Hidden Tiger Music. He currently creates spots for Mercedes, Lipton, YSL, Nescafe, McDonalds, Ford, and many others, often working in collaboration with many of New York’s most prestigious music houses.

    Gregg's music can also be heard on television shows, major motion pictures, and websites including Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, Masters of Reception, Zoolander, Rick, Accepted, MTV's Gamekillers and "Jones New York.” Gregg is the composer of the theme for 'The Chew', seen nationally on ABC, 5 days a week. You can follow Gregg's current work at
  • David Earl
    David writes music for all media including advertising, branding, movies, television, and games. He works for such clients as Sega, LucasArts, Microsoft Game Studios, Landor and Associates, Beyond Pix, Rich Pageant, and Nextel.

    He also teaches at an Apple Certified training facility in San Francisco called Pyramind and has long been a resource to fellow composers, producers and studio engineers who needed help with their DAWs.

    A few years back he created a YouTube page that had some of his most popular tips and tricks in Logic where he provided a Logic resource for other aspiring producers, composers, and engineers. This YouTube page quickly became a source of inspiration to help the Logic Studio community at large.

    With over 22,000 followers on YouTube he decided (and we agreed) that it was time for the "sflogicninja" to partner with to create longer format, in-depth tutorials. We are excited to welcome David to the mPV team as we continue to create the most and the best Logic tutorials on the planet!
  • Rich Tozzoli
    Rich also specializes in 5.1 Surround Sound production, he has mixed DVDs and HD Television broadcasts for the likes of David Bowie, Average White Band, Marsalis Family, Blue Oyster Cult and the Cincinnati Pops. As a technologist, he has written hundreds of articles for numerous pro audio magazines and is the author of Surround Sound Mixing for Pro Tools and The Ultimate Guitar Tone Handbook (with Bobby Owsinski). A lifelong guitarist, his music can be heard on Fox NFL, NBC Olympics, Pawn Stars, Steve Segal Lawman, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Oddities, and many more shows.
  • Noah Pred
    Noah began performing live sets of techno, house and electro in the mid-nineties, and DJing with vinyl soon after. After discovering Ableton Live in 2003, Noah adopted it for his live performances and it has become the centerpiece of his production studio ever since. Noah tours all over North America and Europe, performing his unique tech-house sound. He's had numerous releases on labels around the globe. As an educator, he has taught courses on Ableton Live for stage and studio at schools, festivals and conferences around the world.

    We selected Ableton Certified Trainer, Noah Pred, to create courses for our websites and our partner sites. He is an independent trainer who has completed the Ableton Live Certification process and is officially recognized by Ableton and us for his accomplishment. He is not an Ableton employee.
  • Matt Cellitti
    Matt Cellitti began his music career recording in 4 tracks with his college roommate’s borrowed gear. He now tours the world doing advanced clinics and workshops using hi-end, state-of-the-art gear and software created by Native Instruments.
    During Matt’s international musical journey he discovered that teaching and helping musicians is his life’s true passion.

    When we approached Native Instruments for a trainer recommendation they said that Matt’s your guy. We at are proud to have Matt as one our esteemed trainers. Check out all of Matt Cellitti’s tutorials at MPV!
  • Ben Balser
    Having studied educational psychology at Loyola he naturally became an Apple Certified Master Trainer, teaching the Apple pro apps for over 15 years. With an extensive professional IT background he now does media production as full time.

    As VP of production for a locally based broadcaster he is practicing and improving upon the skills and software he teaches. He has led many seminars and taught in-depth courses for NAB Show, Louisiana State University, CMA/ACP national college media convention, several international cable broadcasters, CentCom and more. He travels coast-to-coast across the U.S. leading training classes and consulting for Final Cut Pro, Motion and Logic Pro X for Apple Authorized Training Centers, corporations, government agencies and universities.

    Back home he lead the LSU Teen Filmmaking Bootcamp and has helped several universities make the switch to Final Cut Pro X.  Ben currently produces original educational TV shows.

    For more information about Ben Balser visit and
  • Hollin Jones
    Hollin cut his teeth producing music on the venerable Portastudio four-track cassette tape recorder. He navigated his way through the hardware era to the world of computer-based recording where he lives his creative life on the cutting-edge of audio technology.

    Formerly a lecturer in soundtrack composition, videographics and music production, Hollin is now a widely read and respected freelance writer focusing on music technology, multimedia and everything Mac. He is also a renowned Reason expert and has published several highly regarded books on how to use this innovative DAW.

    When he can find the time, Hollin produces his own music and performs with his band. He also writes scores for film and TV. And, if you ask him kindly, he'll even play keyboards on a session or two!
  • Jeff Greenberg Steve H

    Several years ago, while teaching a Logic Pro Certification Class in Philadelphia, I heard another instructor’s voice emanating from the classroom next to mine. He had wonderful, enthusiastic teaching style. I was intrigued and perhaps a bit jealous. So I sleuthed my way over to take a look. It was then that I realized the voice belonged to one of the best technology educators on the planet: Jeff Greenberg!

    Over the last decade, Jeff has amassed over 20 different software certifications. He is a Master Adobe, Apple, and Avid Instructor in the areas of editorial, compositing, sound, color correction and compression. Jeff is a sought after seminar speaker as well as a post production specialist/consultant. He is also at the helm of the esteemed Editors Retreat - a yearly, exotic getaway for editors, by editors.

    Though Jeff decided not to be a doctor, he approaches education with surgical precision combined with an ever-appealing, friendly personality. He also writes books, articles, and creates wonderful and informative tutorial-videos for We at MPV are pleased to welcome Jeff to our family of world-class trainers!
  • Mike Watkinson
    Mike Watkinson has been obsessed with music software since he first saw the CMI Fairlight's Page-R. As music technology experienced exponential growth, Mike always incorporated the latest and greatest software into his work as a performer, composer and producer.

    As a writer, he regularly contributes articles to Sound On Sound and has been doing so for more than a decade. He currently writes their Apple Notes column.

    As well as being a Certified Logic Pro and Pro Tools trainer, Mike is also an Apple Distinguished Educator. We at have always been fans of Mike’s extensive knowledge base and communication skills and we are pleased that he is a lead contributor to our online publication, MPVHub Magazine. We now also welcome Mike as an expert trainer and author of outstanding Tutorial-videos here at MPV!
  • Iain Anderson
    Iain Anderson is an Apple FCPX and Motion expert who teaches privately and in post-secondary institutions in his native Australia. As a freelance artist he works with such notable clients from Microsoft to the Queensland Government. With his mastery of graphics and 3D software platforms from Quartz Composer to Second Life and Final Cut Pro to Adobe Creative Suite, he has laid out books, booklets, brochures and business cards; retouched magazine covers and product packaging. He has also shot and edited short films and animated for HD broadcast TV, film festivals and for the web. Iain is a regular contributor of written tutorials for the MPV Hub.
  • SongCraft
    Dubway services television, film, video and interactive gaming, as well as such artists as White Stripes, Dave Matthews Band, Cat Power, Fiona Apple, Philip Glass, and Beck, to name a few. Having recently moved from its longtime home in Chelsea, Dubway's new penthouse studios in New York’ s financial district are more spacious and better equipped than ever.

    Ben Arthur:

    Singer-songwriter Ben Arthur has released six albums and two novels, and has performed everywhere from the 12-Bar Club to Lincoln Center, sharing the stage with Dave Matthews Band, Bruce Hornsby, Tori Amos, Toots and the Maytals, and many others. Ben's work has been praised by Rolling Stone, NPR, CMJ, Acoustic Café, and BBC Radio, and his songs have been licensed by CBS, ABC, Showtime, and PBS.

    Al Houghton:

    Al Houghton has recorded thousands of artists, ranging from They Might Be Giants to Enrique Iglesias. A mechanical engineering graduate of Brown University, he heeded the call of the wild to forsake that career for a life in Rock and Roll. This left him washing dishes and living in his rathole rehearsal room, recording the denizens of the NYC art underground. Thus was Dubway Studios founded in the early ‘80s. Over the decades since, he has produced recordings for countless artists and scored movies. He currently performs with New York’s long standing alt rockers, Life In A Blender.

    Mike Crehore:

    Mike Crehore has recorded, mixed, and mastered many artists over the decades, as well as playing and performing with many more. From Vernon Reid to Evan Lurie, including jazz, hard rock and singer songwriters of every style. A graduate of Lehigh University with a degree in Management and Finance, Mike has always traveled his own road, having worked in many fields including driving a tractor trailer, working every station of a restaurant, as an Outward Bound instructor, corporate consultant as well as a stay-at-home dad and designer/builder. The newest Dubway was built and designed almost entirely by Mike. He currently writes, records, produces and performs with Ben Arthur, Ruby & The Snakes and his own band, The Balboans.
  • Eyal Amir
    Born in Tel Aviv, Eyal worked with numerous top Israeli artists, writing, producing, playing keyboards and engineering. In 2010, he started the duo Project RnL with vocalist Ray Livnat which features Eyal’s unique blend of progressive rock, classical music, jazz and pop sensibilities. His powerful combination of complex yet accessible music, combined with his one-of-a-kind approach to video production, has drawn over a million views on YouTube. Eyal currently lives in New York City and creates incredibly successful and entertaining music videos with artists such as Grammy winner Ruslan Sirota (Stanley Clarke) and Grammy nominee Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater).

    MacProVideo is thrilled to welcome Eyal Amir into our family of world-class educators!
  • Rishabh Rajan
    • BA in Film Scoring, Berklee College of Music
    • M.Sc. in Professional Practices, Middlesex University

    Rishabh Rajan has been a professional music educator since 2008 with teaching experience in India, Malaysia & the United States. Besides producing over 20 courses for macProVideo & AskVideo, Rishabh has published 2 ebooks on sound design which are available on the Apple iBookstore.

    Rishabh is a certified trainer for Pro Tools, Logic Pro & Ableton Live. He has worked as a sound designer for companies including Crypto Cipher, Bela D Media & Twisted Tools and has experience with writing music for indie films, documentaries & TV Commercials. He also does remixes and live mashups under the monicker code:MONO.

    For our Ableton we chose Certified Trainer, Rishabh Rajan, to create courses for our websites and our partner sites. He is an independent trainer who has completed the Ableton Live Certification process and is officially recognized by Ableton and us for his accomplishment. He is not an Ableton employee.
  • Paul Bissell
    Paul has taught at Del Mar College since 1997 in both percussion and music technology fields. Prior to that time, he taught percussion and music technology from 1992-1997 at Louisiana Tech University. Since 2007, he has exclusively taught music technology and recording classes at DMC focusing all his efforts in this area.

    As a composer his compositions have been performed world wide and are published by Theodore Presser and Marimba Publications. His writing include articles for Sound on Sound, Percussive Notes, the Transoniq Hacker and books for Go Fish Music including "Al Di Meola - Classics", a collection of transcriptions.

    Dr. Bissell has performed with a variety of orchestras and can be heard on the Spy Kids 2 soundtrack. For fun, he records local artists and runs live sound in (often) less than ideal circumstances.
  • Martin Perhiniak
    Martin studied Industrial Design, where his favorite subject was User Interface design. He became an Adobe Certified Design Master instructor while teaching at several multimedia schools in his hometown of Budapest, Hungary. He moved to London in 2010 and since then has been teaching, presenting and designing non-stop. Some of his international clients include Mattel, Disney, the Cartoon Network, Sony Pictures and the Extreme Channel. Martin also has a blog about Adobe techniques and has managed to build up a big international fan base.
  • The Bob Moog Foundation
    The Bob Moog Foundation provides hands-on opportunities for children and adults to explore the science of sound through Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool and the preservation of Bob Moog’s archives and musical inventions, which will converge in a future interactive museum, or The Moogseum, online and in Asheville, NC.

    A large portion of the proceeds of these tutorials go to support their work!

    Marc Doty the foundation’s Archive and Educational Specialist employs his knowledge of the history of electronic music, his understanding of synthesis and the physics of sound, and his love for the work and history of Bob Moog in order to further the legacy of that great innovator and musical instrument designer.

    The BMF is a donor driven 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Support their work to ignite creativity in future generations by making a donation today.  Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted.
    To donate online, visit The Bob Moog Foundation's Website
    Donations can also be mailed to:

    Bob Moog Foundation
    P.O. Box 8136
    Asheville, NC 28814
  • WickedlySmart
    WickedlySmart blossomed from the success of Eric and Elisabeth's books, which have inspired, educated and entertained well over a half a million people to date. WS is now focused on bringing Eric and Elisabeth's unique teaching style to other channels, including software applications, workshops and video tutorials for macProVideo.

    Eric and Elisabeth are much more than educators. Eric, formerly CTO of, holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Yale University. He got his start building Internet systems for the space program. Elisabeth previously drove training at the computer industry's premier publisher, O'Reilly Media, holds a Masters degree in Computer Science at Yale University, and built the first web site devoted to mentoring women in computing.
  • Thomas Goss
    Thomas' compositions, orchestrations, and crossover arrangements have been performed by such ensembles as Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, and San Francisco Symphony Chamber Ensemble, who premiered his whimsical tuba quintet “The Seven Deadly Sins (of a dog)” in 2001 at Davies Symphony Hall.

    New commissions have kept Thomas busy around his work this year for macProVideo. His drinking game for brass trio, “Variations on John Barleycorn Must Die,” was commissioned and performed this year by ACE Brass Trio in Timaru, New Zealand. Another new work, “Concerto Aotearoa” for harp and orchestra, was commissioned by the Los Angeles Doctors Symphony Orchestra, and will be premiered by them in mid-2013 with harp soloist Christina Kopriva.

    Thomas is also a pioneer in the field of orchestral education programs. In his adopted country of New Zealand, every full-time orchestra from Christchurch Symphony to the New Zealand Symphony orchestra has performed his educational programming. His piece for narrator and orchestra, “Tane and the Kiwi,” was commissioned by the Auckland Philharmonia in 2002, and has been performed many times across New Zealand since then. There are currently plans to release “Tane” as a CD, along with two additional pieces for narrator and orchestra that Thomas composed on Maori legends: “Maui’s Fishhook” and “Battle of the Mountains,” both commissioned and premiered by the Vector Wellington Orchestra over the past two seasons.

    In Thomas’s current role as Education Composer-in-residence for Vector Wellington Orchestra, he has composed a yearly series of orchestra discovery programs for young listeners ages 2 to 6, called “Baby Pops.” Now in its fifth year, this ongoing series has introduced tens of thousands of children in New Zealand’s Lower North Island region to orchestral instruments and music through song, story-telling, and active participation.

    Thomas Goss is also a strong supporter of orchestras on the community and youth level. He served for six years as composer in residence for the Santa Rosa Symphony Orchestra’s Young People’s Chamber Orchestra, a group of topnotch teen string players who perform standing without a conductor. In that capacity, he composed numerous concertos and string orchestra works, featuring some of the best players from the ranks as soloists. Some of these works continue to be programmed, such as Thomas’s Double Bass concerto, which was the repertoire of bassist Louis Van Der Mespel’s prize winning showing at this year’s Wellington Youth Orchestra Concerto Competition. Thomas has also worked with numerous other non-professional groups, like the American Philharmonic Cotati, who commissioned and premiered his “Phoenix Concerto” with erhu (Chinese violin) virtuoso Xiaofeng Zheng in 2005.

    Thomas is also in demand as a writer on music, having contributed interviews, articles, and reviews to such journals as 20th/21st Century Music, San Francisco Classical Voice, and New Zealand Musician Magazine. He is a regular on-air presenter with Radio New Zealand Concert’s many programs such as Appointment, The Critic’s Chair, and Composer of the Week.

    Thomas Goss has been using notation software since it was first developed for the personal computer in the 1980’s, and became a Sibelius user from its first version in the year 2000. He has scored over 20 hours of professionally performed orchestral music using Sibelius, and many more chamber pieces and piano works. His YouTube Channel, Orchestration Online, features a detailed review of the latest version of Sibelius, along with advice on orchestration, score-reading, and many other topics for the composer-in-training.

    Thomas lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand, with his wife Erica and son Charlie, and one very unappreciative cat.

    Website | YouTube
  • Duane Nickull
    coming soon
  • Mark Gatter
    Mark Gatter is a freelance trainer of Adobe graphics software, mostly working in central London. After working in commercial printing for many years both in the UK and California he eventually branched out into graphic design in the '90s. He is an Adobe Certified Instructor and also an Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop (which he uses every day, even when he's on holiday...). Mark has authored several books on graphics-related computer stuff. He's a firm believer in stress-free graphic design—a challenging but entirely possible goal.

    He lives in Wales with his wife Linda, surrounded by sheep, chickens, a dog and loads of home-grown vegetables.
  • Morgan Pottruff
    Morg is a well known performer, producer and remixer in the dance, trance and underground scene in North America. Morg has used Live for everything from electronic-classical to techno since version 1. He has a great pace and knack for making the difficult seem so easy. His tech background is very extensive, and he has worked as a clinician and product specialist for the last five years. He is currently a part time instructor in software based audio production at Humber College in Toronto, ON., Canada.
  • Alexander Adhami
    He is also an acomplished instrumentalist and vocalist specializing in guitar and other stringed instruments. For many years, Alexander has been involved in the production of Cirque inspired World Music beginning with his music for Cirque EOS' "Acrobats and Maniacs". Later he was commissioned to record a world music instrument, the Santoor with Joe Cocker on his classic remake of "It takes every kind of people to make the world go 'round". His collaboration with Kitaro was nominated for" Best New Age Album" at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards.

    As an orchestrator and computer programmer in Germany, he was part of Franco Dragone's creation INDIA featuring A R Rahman's music and a whole cast of Bollywood Dancers. He can be heard on Cirque du Soleil's "Totem" as a guest artist and vocalist. He has toured internationally and starred with Steve Reid, Miles Davis’ Percussionist, in Dreamscapes and continues to do live performances across the globe.

    You can hear more of Alexander's work at

  • Mike Baggley
    Along with working as an editor with ASK Video, Mike has worked in many studios and post-production houses, including working at CBC, one of Canada's largest media outlets.
  • Steve Kostrey
    Steve worked at Steinberg Canada as a product specialist and clinician from 1995 - 2005. He has demonstrated every aspect and feature of Cubase at literally hundreds of clinics to thousands of musicians.
  • Jeff Pilley
    He has also spent the last ten years as a Studio Set-up Technician and Tech Support Specialist for audio recording systems. Countless house calls and years of experience with Cubase (user since 1992) enable Jeff to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with you in this all-new tutorial series.
  • Gary Hiebner
    Gary has been heavily involved in the South African music industry for the last 10 years. His recording studio, Soundbase, has been a center for creative musical activity in and around Durban since 2005. Along with performing his own music Gary has also been deeply involved in sound design and music production for many advertising agencies and media houses. Gary is an innovative Logic and Ableton expert user and a regular and insightful contributor to our MPV Hub. He also dabbles with ProTools, and other esoteric sound design tools, such as Max/MSP and CSound.
  • Gary Grudzinskas
    With an MA in Communications and many years of technical teaching in his portfolio, Gary is one of the PC world’s premiere trainers and IT engineers. His many certifications, including MCSE, MCSA, MCDBA, Master CIW and CCNA, keep him in high demand with certified training centers the world over.

    He has taught MS technology extensively both online and in person, from classes at Universities and large public seminars to small customized courses for individual clients. He is also a sought after presenter at technical conferences and develops e-learning products.

    What gives Gary an edge as an instructor is how he gets his hands dirty working in the trenches as an IT engineer. He cruises the world –evangelizing the Windows platform– leaving a trail of successful IT solutions and enlightened students in his wake!

    Gary is developing many of our beginning and advanced Windows courses. We are honored to have him as a trainer on the AskVideo team!
  • Huma Solutions
    Amir Ahani –Huma’s driving force– is also a software development instructor at Vancouver’s British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). He has assembled a team of developer/instructors who, in collaboration with his company, Huma Solutions, form the foundation of our Windows App and iOS App development educational team.

    Huma’s real world experience in developing applications for major companies like Microsoft, Nokia, IBM, and Motion Metrics International infuses their courseware with both the technical and practical knowledge necessary to create powerful and useful apps in this fast-paced, completive software dev world. So sit back and learn the fundamentals of app design with the Huma Solutions team!
  • Timo Preece
    After spending spending several years working and performing in Tokyo, he landed back in San Francisco as the director for sound arts and music technology courses at Ex’pression College.

    Ever the educator, Timo has developed curriculum for some of the most renowned audio training centers in the U.S. and is an AVID Protools Expert, a Certified Ableton LIVE trainer, and a specialist in most other professional digital audio workstations.

    He consults, plays live electronics, does studio production, and has works with an extensive variety of amazing musicians, DJs, sound enthusiasts, and some world renown artists.

    And now he rocks courses for us. Welcome to the the team Timo!

    We selected Ableton Certified Trainer, TImo Preece, to create courses for our websites and our partner sites. He is an independent trainer who has completed the Ableton Live Certification process and is officially recognized by Ableton and us for his accomplishment. He is not an Ableton employee.
  • Matt Vanacoro
    Matt collaborates as a keyboardist in the studio and on stage with artists such as Mark Wood (Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) Mark Rivera (Billy Joel Band) and many others. He appears on many recordings with a variety of artists, and has had his original compositions featured in films by Lionsgate Studios.

    Matt is as a distinguished educator at both the middle school and college level. He is also a popular lecturer at various state and national conferences on music technology and education. On the music technology side, Matt is a keyboard products consultant for Samson/Hartke and a music software consultant for Mark of the Unicorn.
  • Booker Edwards Jr.
    As founder of one of the most successful and recognizable independent labels in the state of Virginia, Illyaas Recordings, Booker has worked for a multitude of high-end clients including, New Millennium Studios, TV1, Radio One and R&B artist Trey Songz.

    Booker is a Apple Certified Trainer in Logic Pro and a faculty member in the audio production department at The Art Institute of Atlanta. He founded the Atlanta Logic Users Group in 2008 and trains clients in Logic Pro, Akai MPC, Native Instruments Maschine and many other audio production programs in the city of Atlanta and all across the country through online virtual trainings.

    Booker also creates short training videos for Logic Pro, MPC and Maschine on Youtube as The Atlanta Logic Trainer and creates full length training courses exclusively for us!
  • Siobhan Twomey
    Siobhan initially studied Film, first at University College Dublin, and later at NYU where she spent a semester cutting and splicing 16mm celluloid on a Steenbeck at the Washington Square campus. After working on film sets for a number of years, she traded live action for animation and studied at Ballyfermot College in Dublin. Since then she has built up experience in almost every department, from Storyboarding to Design and Direction. She has worked with film studios in New York, with animation studios in Vancouver and Dublin; and she has facilitated art and digital media workshops in South Africa.

    Her directing work includes an award-winning series of short films that has been developed into 3 extensive teaching packs that are now part of the National Primary School curriculum in Ireland; a short film on Asylum and Protection in collaboration with the Irish Refugee Council; and animated sequences for a feature length film.

    Through her work with animation studios such as Atomic Cartoons (Vancouver) and Kavaleer Productions (Ireland) she has provided artwork, designs and concepts for clients that include Disney, Sony Pictures Animation, YTV Canada, HMH Publishing and PlayFirst. Most recently she has provided Background designs for Hotel Transylvania Dash, a game based on the movie Hotel Transylvania; as well as Curious George – a learning app for iPad and iPhone, both of which ranked as #1 on itunes for the first few weeks of their release.

    Over the years, Siobhan has shared her knowledge of animation techniques and processes through various workshops that she has facilitated in Ireland and also in South Africa. She has taught people how to draw and create images, as well as how to best tell stories in meaningful ways so that they can be shared as widely as possible.
  • Joe Albano
    He started out studying music formally with some of the pioneers of electronic music —including time at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, one of the first electronic music studios in the country.

    After college, Joe divided his time between performing in various bands (keys, bass, guitar) and recording, initially operating a multitrack remote recording service. He also began teaching—the first of two stints—at audio schools in NYC, covering subjects that ranged from acoustics & physics of sound, to analog & digital recording, mixing & mastering, to synthesis, sampling, & MIDI.

    Joe took a break from teaching to become a co-owner/operator of Rooftop Productions, a recording & production studio in midtown Manhattan, where he was involved in all types of recordings from music & album production to v/o & post.

    Eventually, he returned to freelance production, recording & mixing, and began writing for industry publications, including Recording magazine. He returned to teaching, for a second stint that lasted a number of years.

    Currently, Joe is continuing his freelance work, and is now also writing for AskAudio magazine teaching at SAE NYC and creating training courses on a variety of subjects for
  • Andrew Balis
    Andrew has been at the forefront of imaging technologies for more than 20 years. Beginning as an film student at NYU, then in production as a cinematographer to post production finishing –working with cinematographers, directors and producers to help them realize their vision and shape the final look of their projects.

    As a specialist in post production workflows and technology innovations, Andrew is a sought after workflow consultant and instructor. He trains Hollywood professionals in editorial and color correction systems, color theory and application, and new and emerging technologies.

    Andrew is a lecturer at USC's School of Cinematic Arts, teaching a course of the craft of color grading. He also teaches live workshops and has trained industry professionals from Paramount, ABC/Disney, Fox, E, NBC Universal, Matchframe, Fotokem, Trailer Park, Direct TV, The Post Group, MTV, MPEG and many others.

    We are very pleased to have Andrew on our film school team!
  • Thavius Beck
    His previous works are known for their distinctive sound which melds equal parts rock, hip-hop, soul, industrial, and electronic music, with a heavy focus on deep bass, sample manipulation, and multi-track recording, showcasing his diverse musical influences with everything he makes. 

    In addition to making and performing his own music, he has held electronic music workshops in multiple countries, regularly gives one-on-one tutorials to private students and various artists, and has worked closely with various companies doing product demonstrations, dealer trainings, beta testing, and showcasing gear that he is most passionate about.  

    We are proud to bring Thavius to our ever-expanding audience!
  • Adam Pollard
    His comedic, unpretentious YouTube personality is a refreshing breath of fresh air that connects him in a deep and personal way with his audience. Adam also does sound design. His sample packs span many libraries, including Loopmasters, Industrial Strength, CAPSUN ProAudio, and 5Pin Media. Listen closely and you'll hear his signature sounds in many of your favorite top 10 EDM tracks. 

    Adam is a born educator who communicates complex music ideas with simplicity and ease. We’re proud to have him on our ever-expanding, international team of trainers.
  • Kevin P McAuliffe
    Kevin is a Senior Editor at Extreme Reach Toronto in Toronto, Canada, with current clients including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures and E1 Entertainment to name a few. He can also be found helping out on the Avid Community forums in the Media Composer & Symphony Get Started Fast forum.
  • Alex Solano
    A veteran in the Industry, Alex has worked for major companies including, Avid, Digidesign, M-Audio, Akai Professional, just to name a few. Obtaining a BA in Music Technology, Alex has since become an effective product trainer and evangelist.

    Alex has gained his popularity in the social network providing cunning videos online. Whether it’s explaining mixing concepts or showing the latest tools in digital audio, his ability to educate the online community is one worth watching.
  • DJ Kiva
    DJ Kiva’s production and remixes have been released on such labels as Adios Babylon, Destroy All Concepts, King Tubby's Dub Heritage Foundation, Tommy Boy, and Kindred Spirits. His music has received airplay on BBC’s 1Xtra and Sirius Satellite Radio. He has appeared as a guest speaker & performer on Public Enemy founder Hank Shocklee’s Producer Panel at Remix magazine’s “Remix Hotel NYC” event. Kiva has toured extensively around the globe as live guitarist for hip hop groups “Shape of Broad Minds” and “Willie Isz” featuring Jneiro Jarel and Khujo Goodie of Goodie Mob and has performed at such festivals as Sonar (Spain), Hove (Norway), Roskilde (Denmark), and Montreaux Jazz (Switzerland).

    He has taught Ableton and music production to over 7000+ students worldwide, from novice producers just beginning to pursue the craft, to legendary top professionals looking to embrace new music technology. We welcome him to our family of trainers!

    We selected Ableton Certified Trainer, DJ Kiva, to create courses for our websites and our partner sites. He is an independent trainer who has completed the Ableton Live Certification process and is officially recognized by Ableton and us for his accomplishment. He is not an Ableton employee.
  • Joshua Carney
    Josh is the owner and founder of Carney Media Group LLC, an audio, video and music production company based out of Tampa Bay, Florida.

    He is the founder and host of the MusicTechHelpGuy YouTube channel, where he creates audio and music productions review, demonstrations and tutorials. 

    As an engineer, Josh has recording, mixed, mastered, and produced thousands of recordings. He works out of Fine Cut Studios in Brooksville, Florida. As an educator, Josh has taught music technology and audio production courses at Central Michigan University, St. Petersburg College, the International Academy of Design and Technology and Sanford-Brown College. Josh's instructional experience has included courses in: Recording Techniques, Studio Techniques, Session Recording, Mixing, Mastering, MIDI, Synthesis and Sampling, Audio Post Production, Live Sound Reinforcement, A/V Fundamentals, Music Theory and Music History.

    We welcome Josh to our exclusive family of topnotch trainers!

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